About us

          Welcome to Caboose Boutique & Giftshop! We are so HONORED that you are shopping with us. We are located on main street in the small town of Jena, Louisiana. We are very proud to say that we are a family owned business and have been for 20 years. Our owner grew up in Orange County, California. Her retail passion started around age 16 were she worked at the FIRST EVER $5 clothing store. She was successful and began to travel, helping the company open up franchises all over the U.S. We often get asked "how in the world did she end up in Jena"? We giggle, and tell everyone her father grew up in Jena, and they wanted to come back to his hometown. She packed up her family and started her own business and has been here ever since!
          We thrive to make each one of our customers feel special the moment they walk in the door. We love to dress you from HEAD TO TOE in our Boutique and make you feel confident. Everyone is BEAUTIFUL, and should love themselves for who they are (at least that's what we think anyway)! We also have a gift shop with a variety of different candle/fragrance brands, cups for every beverage, fun trinkets, bath/shower bombs and salts, soaps, baby gifts, and last but not least HOMEMADE FUDGE AND SPECIALTY COFFEE! As you can tell we sell a HUGE variety of merchandise. With that being said, we cater to ANY age!
Here at the Caboose we offer lots of different name brands. Shoe brands include: Toms, Volatile, Keds and Corky's. Some clothing name brands include: good hYOUman, Free People, Band of Gypies, Dear John Denim and The Light Blonde Tees. Some jewelry name brands include: The Giving Keys and Good Work (s) Make A Difference. We really enjoy selling merchandise that donates a percent of their sales to charity or a special cause. We also carry off brand shoes, accessories and apparel.
          We enjoy traveling to markets and keeping our store and customers up to date with WHAT'S TRENDING! Shop online with us, call us at (318) 992. 8165 if you see something on our social media, or visit our store location at 2935 East Oak Street. We can ship anything and anywhere in the U.S. We would LOVE to meet you!